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Regalo C+ wins at Region 7

Updated: Jun 5, 2021

One of Platinum Performance Horses very successful entries at the 2021 Region 7 Championship show was Rusty and Martin Cook’s pure Spanish Arabian stallion Regalo C+. Regalo swept the Sport Horse In-Hand Stallion classes, was Reserve Champion in Western Dressage Basic and was also Top Five in Sport Horse Under Saddle and Training Level Dressage. These wins are just his most recent in a long list of accomplishments that started when he was named National Champion 2- Year-Old Sport Horse Colt in 2016.

Regalo’s success in the Sport Horse division should come as no surprise given that his sire, Czantiago++// (bred by the Stanley Ranch and owned and shown by Lisa Stapleton) is also a National Champion Arabian Sport Horse. In fact, Czantiago won that National Champion 2-Year-Old Sport Horse Colt title in 2009 and in succeeding years won National Titles in Dressage, Jumping, Hunter Over Fences and Sport Horse Under Saddle.

Arabian trainer Mariah Wilson dressage at HIPICO Santa Fe
Mariah Wilson and Regalo C+

Rusty's introduction to Spanish Arabians began in 1974 when she acquired the Spanish bred mare Coyote. The results she achieved from breeding with Wild Flame encouraged her to add more of the Spanish bloodlines to their herd and in 2011 they bought Regalo’s dam, Remarkable C from Lindy Moore and bred her to Czantiago.

Say’s Rusty, “Regalo is everything we could have hoped for when we bred to Czantiago—his correct conformation and very trainable disposition being one of the hallmarks of the Spanish Arabians.”


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