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Countdown to Scottsdale '21

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

Last year PPH junior rider Sydney Griego was leasing Marc Of Chall REA+++/ and competed with him at Scottsdale in 2020 in JTR Hunter Pleasure and Sport Horse Under Saddle and ATR Dressage but this year she’ll be showing Marc as her very own horse!

Fifteen-year-old Sydney has been training with Mariah for over two years and first met Marc while he was in training with Mariah. At that time Marc was owned by his breeders John and Donna Simmons of Rainbow’s End Arabians in Kearney, MO and had a successful career as a Hunter Pleasure horse.

When the opportunity arose to lease him, Sydney was thrilled. Sydney and Marc competed in two shows in 2019 and the partnership worked so well that in 2020 Mariah decided that they would be on the list to go to Scottsdale which would be the first time Sydney made the trip to Arizona! It would also be the biggest show that Marc had been to as well.

In addition to hunter pleasure, Mariah had added Dressage and Sport Horse Under Saddle to Marc’s repertoire and Sydney and Marc competed in all three divisions last year. What was her favorite moment from last year? Says Sydney, “My favorite memory is probably when we went into the dressage office and saw that I had won the Championship in ATR Training Level Dressage! Last year we showed in Training Level but now we are working on progressing up to doing some First Level work. The most challenging thing so far has been getting our leg yielding but we’re getting there! This year we’re showing in Training and First Level Dressage, Western Dressage, Sport Horse Under Saddle and Dressage Seat Equitation. Mariah will also show him in the Half-Arabian Sport Horse Show Hack.


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